Advantage Adventures

Advantage Adventures led by Nenad Djurdjevic is now leading mountaineering treks in West Australia's rugged and spectacular Stirling Range. The treks on offer are:

Unlike the tourist tracks leading up to Bluff Knoll (the highest peak in the Stirling Range) or some of the other popular peaks, these trips are not for the faint-hearted and offer a 'close up and personal' experience of steep slopes, jagged peaks and 'impenetrable' Australian bush! In fact, the Ridge Walk traverses a landscape that would have to be a match for the most rugged and exhilarating terrain anywhere in the world.


What is more, unlike other popular treks in places such as Nepal, New Zealand and Tasmania, very few trekkers visit the remote peaks of the Stirling Range and as a result it is rare to ever see another human being for the duration of a trek.

As an example, according to locals, the South-East route on Ellen peak (the eastern-most peak in the range) had not been attempted by anyone for about 20 years until Advantage Adventures 'reopened' the route in October 2003.

For people who don't like crowds, enjoy being self-sufficient in a remote wilderness and really want to get away from it all there is no better place to go than the Stirling Range.






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